Tuesday, September 4, 2012

About Me

Those who have known me over the last 20 years know that I have not been the healthiest girl.  I've been plagued with asthma, allergies, fatigue, thyroid issues, cholesterol issues, skin cancer, joint issues, muscle issues, and just feeling outright yucky.

At one point, my doctors had me multiple medications.  It was quite the cocktail...and an expensive one at that.

In 20 years, not one doctor (and I've switched often) looked at re-visiting the cholesterol meds.  And even after 20 years of reporting fatigue, no one ever looked at the allergy/asthma combo of meds.  Note:  Singulair - fatigue is listed as a side effect.  And why did no one in all that time hammer me on exercise and diet?

My quality of life had declined significantly.  I would often stay home because of the fatigue. I never felt well whether it be a "cold" or a stomach illness of some kind.  I was sad and life was passing by at an alarming rate.  And then it happened.  My ah-ha moment!  Ok...so there really wasn't a moment.  It was a series of events that basically told me I would have no life and no friends left unless I figured this out and pushed the doctors to DO something.  I began having chest pains, hair loss, severe joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, and more not so fun stuff...at the age of 41.  I said enough is enough!

I'm reading two books that are must haves if you want to have quality of life - "Younger Next Year" and "20 Years Younger."  You CAN turn around the aging process and prevent a number of issues that most people think are just part of getting old.  They aren't.

So....I'll write posts about where I am today and how I got there by topic.  Where am I today?

I am now on two very inexpensive "necessary" meds.  Yeah...that's it!  I exercise every day and I'm able to go out and do things without being completely disconnected or exhausted.  I found my smile and my inner light again and I can tell by other's reactions it has made a big difference for them too.  And let's not forget all of the weight I've lost!

I want everyone to do this and realize that they can add years to their life and get their happy back!