Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gluten Free Devil's Food Cake Mix Review

When I started to realize that wheat gluten was likely the culprit for a multitude of health issues, like most avid bakers would, I started to panic about the absence of my beloved cupcakes.

Certainly, I've explored all of the flour options out there and have become educated about mixing flours and baking for the gluten free diet. Sometimes a mix is just easier and on a rare occasion, cheaper.

One day while spending an endless amount of time in the baking aisle, a favorite place of mine, I found several different boxed gluten-free mixes for brownies, devil's food/chocolate cake, yellow cake and cookies.

I immediately went for the King Arthur Chocolate Cake/Devil's Food first since they make my favorite flour. If you aren't gluten-free, I highly recommend their flour. Well....the cupcakes were good but had an odd texture (a little rubbery is my best explanation) that I had a hard time getting past. I will tell you that the cupcakes were "kid approved" so it is not a bad mix. I would have used it again.

It was when I tried the Betty Crocker version that I realized I had found a little slice of oh my goodness! They bake and taste like the real deal and I doubt any unsuspecting person would know the difference. I was skeptical at first because the batter was so thin. But then I've always been baffled as to why cake mix batter is so runny when mine from scratch is so gloriously thick.

Bottom line....I highly recommend the Betty Crocker version for anyone who is gluten free or is reducing the wheat in their diet after reading the Wheat Belly book.

Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!


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